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Fortran Drag 1 14x7-2 4x114.3

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Image of Fortran Drag 1 14x7-2 4x114.3
  • Image of Fortran Drag 1 14x7-2 4x114.3
  • Image of Fortran Drag 1 14x7-2 4x114.3
  • Image of Fortran Drag 1 14x7-2 4x114.3
  • Image of Fortran Drag 1 14x7-2 4x114.3

Wheel- Fortran Drag 1
Size- 14x7-2
PCD- 4x114.3
It's not often you see a set of Fortran Drags in these sizes!
These very cool wheels were originally made by Furukawa Aluminium Company and only produced for 4 short years from 1981 to 1985.
They came in 13s or 14s in 4 stud, and also a 5 spoke 5 stud version but good luck finding a set of those!
They did come in sizes up to 8-10 though! but only in the 1 colour scheme- black/machined.
This set was pretty crusty when we got them, heavily rashed, peeling paint, small buckles, and a selection of centre caps, none of which were correct.
So we got to work.
Straightening was first up, followed by the dunk tank and vapour blasting.
Elliot came in and welded up all the edges which we then machined back to the original profile.
Then we taped them up and laid on a coat of satin black powdercoat and diamond cut the spoke tops and lips as per original.
The hunt was then on to find some centre caps in a similar shape to the originals and a decent enough pic of the original logo that we could copy.
We found some half decent pics, well not really, they were all vectored, so we sent them off to Mark Crawford at Sequoia Media in Victoria to see what he could do.
I have to say, Crawf, you smashed it out of the park!
The logos look bloody amazing!
The only change we made was going with a bright centre cap instead of black.
We tried both and decided the bright really suited the wheel.
It's the only deviation from original.
From there original style valves were added and they were ready for the photoshoot.
We're really pleased with this set as so much work has been put into them and they have come out looking absolutely stunning!
In my opinion they should be up on the display wall but y'know, we gotta eat.
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