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Along with our refurbishing services we keep stock of wheels to be built to suit a customers needs.

Below is a list of our stock, all wheels are 4x114.3 unless otherwise stated.


Bridgestone Vanish 13x8-12, 13x8.5-18

Work Equip 01 1pce 13x6.5+4 13x7-2

Work Equip 01 14x8-14, 14x8.5-21


Advan A3A 13x6+6

Hayashi Command 13x6+15

Hayashi Street ST 13x6+7

Rays Volk mesh 13x6+12, 13x6.5+6

Riverside R101 13x6+10 13x6.5+9

Southern Ways Cross 13x6+18

SSR F4 13x6+13 13x6.5+9

SSR MkII 13x6+13

SSR MkII 13x6+13 13x6.5+10

SSR MkIII 13x7.5-7 PCD 4x100

SSR Star Shark 13x6+11

SSR XR4 13x6+11 13x6+15

SSR XR4 13x6+12

SSR XR4 13x6.5+6

Super Star SS05 13x5.5+20


Advan A3A 14x6+6

August Feroce 14x6+9, 14x6.5+15 5x114.3
Dunlop TE LeMans 14x6+10

Dunlop TE-E Javelin 14x6+15

Hoshino D-01 14x6+10

Impul Pro Mesh 1984 caps & clips 14x6.5+14

Impul Pro Mesh, 1981, caps, 14x6.5+11, 14x7+4

Rays Volk Racing 14x6+14

Riverside R109 14x6.5+6

SSR Formula Mesh 14x6+8 14x6.5+3

SSR Jilba Racing 14x6.5+17 14x7+3 Rough lips on 7s, (x5)

SSR MkIII 14x6+15 14x6.5+8

SSR Star Formula 14x6+21 14x6+10

SSR Star Shark 14x6+9 14x6+21

SSR Star Shark 14x7-2

SSR Star Shark 14x6+9 14x6.5+16

Watanabe RS 14x6+15 14x6.4+13

Watanabe RS 14x6+15 14x6.5+9

Watanabe  RS 14x7+8 14x7-3

Wings Abatis Spoke 14x6+6

Work LESCO Pulse 1 14x6+7 14x6.5+2


Enkei Decem 10 15x7-15 PCD 6x139.7

Impul Pro Mesh 15x6.5+14

Southern Ways (American Racing) 15x6.5+22 Factory 4/5x114.3

Southern Ways Epsilon 15x6.5+13 15x7+8

SSR Formula Mesh 15x6.5+16

SSR RS-8 15x7+27 PCD 4x100

Weds Albino Fin 15x6.5+20

Work Crag 15x8-0 PCD 6x139.7

Work Equip 03 15x6.5+3


Autostrada Modena 16x6.5+40

Simmons F90 16x6+45

Southern Ways Epsilon 16x7.5+29 5x114.3

Autostrada Romana 17x8+16 17x9+16 PCD 5x114.3

SSR Gartmaier 18x8+38, 18x9+44 PCD 5x114.3.