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STOCKLIST (Updated 19-1-22)

Along with our refurbishing services we keep a wide range of wheels to be built to suit your needs.

Below is a list of our stock, all wheels are 4x114.3 unless otherwise stated.
Most of the below stock is suitable for relip only as the original lips are heavily corroded and in poor condition. 

We don't sell wheels as is, all wheels are restored before sale.


Hustler 13x6+4
Crimson Zed Compe 13x7.5-4


Advan A3A 13x6+6

Advan A3C 13x6+6

August Feroce 13x6+9

Dunlop TE-E Javelin 13x5.5+9

Dunlop TE LeMans 24 13x6+11

Enkei Silver Star 13x6+11

Fortran FX-6 13x6+17

Hayashi Command 13x6+15

Hoshino G5 13x6+10

Rays Volk mesh 13x6+14

Rays Volk mesh 13x6+12, 13x6.5+6

SSR Star Shark 13x6+11

SSR Star Shark 13x6+11, 13x7-2

SSR XR4 Longchamp 13x6+11 13x6+15
SSR XR4 Longchamp 13x6+12, 13x6.5+6

SSR XR4 Longchamp 13x5.5+22, 13x6.5+6 relip only

Super Star SS05 13x5.5+20

Work Equip 03 3Pce 13x6+10
Work Equip 03 3Pce 13x6+10

Yokohama Almex Y3B 13x5.5+5



Advan A3A 14x6+6

Advan A3D 14x6+12
August Japan Feroce 14x6+10 14x6.5+16 5x114.3

Dunlop TE LeMans 14x6+10

Enkei Focus Spoke 14x6.5+5
Enkei Mosport 14x6.5+10
E&S Casablanca 14x6.5+4

Hoshino G5 14x7+7

Impul Pro Mesh '84 14x6.5+14

Impul Pro Mesh '81,14x6.5+11, 14x7+4

Rays Volk Mesh 14x6+13 14x6.5+9 5x114.3

Rays Volk Racing 14x6+14

Rick Japan Feroce 14x6+25 5x114.3
Riverside R101 14x6+16
Riverside R106 14x6+20

SSR Formula Mesh 14x6+8 14x6.5+3

SSR MkII 14x6.5+23, 14x7+13
SSR MkIII 14x6+14, 14x7-0
SSR MkIII 14x6.5+8
SSR Star Shark 14x6+21
SSR Star Shark 14x6+10, 14x7-2
SSR Star Shark 14x6+11 5x114.3

SSR Star Shark 14x6.5+6 5x114.3
SSR XR4 Longchamp 14x6+11

SSR XR4 Longchamp 14x7+12
SSR XR4 Longchamp 14x6 14x6.5 5x114.3

Takechi Project Racing Hart 767 14x6+20

Techno Phantom 14x6+21 14x7-2

Techno Phantom 14x6+10, 14x6.5+4 4x110

Techno TRX 14x6+11
Watanabe RS-8 14x6+40 4x100

Weds Zero Speed 14x6+12

Work Equip 01 3Pce 14x6+10

Work Equip 03 3Pce 14x6.5+5


AME Mesh 15x6.5+17 5x114.3

Autostrada Formula Mesh 15x6.5+15
BBS RA Mahle 15x8+11 5x130

BBS RS 259 15x6.5+36 flatback
BBS RS224 15x6.5+45 5x114.3

Enkei Decem 10 15x7-15 6x139.7
Hoshino G5 14x7+7 original caps

Impul Pro Mesh 15x6.5+14
Simmons V4 15" centres only Pick a size

Southern Ways Epsilon step 15x6.5+13, 15x7+9
Southern Ways Shadow II 15x7+6 5x114.3

SSR XR4 Longchamp 15x6.5+18, 15x6.5+5

SSR XR4 Longchamp 15x6+11, 15x6.5+6
SSR XR4 Longchamp 15x6.5+4, 15x7+9 5x114.3
Watanabe RS 15x8+4

Watanabe RS-8 15x6.5+34

Watanabe RS-8 15x6.5+21

Watanabe RS-8 15x6.5+34 15x6.5+47  4x100
Weds Albino Fin 15x6+18 Original caps

Weds Professor Mesh 15x6.5+34 5x114.3

Work Crag 15x8-0 6x139.7



Autostrada Romana 16" 5x114.3
BBS RS180/247 16x7.5+14, 16x8.5+14  5x114.3

Southern Ways Epsilon Reverse 16x7.5+29 5x114.3


AC Schnitzer Type 2 (E39) 17x8+13 5x120

BBS RS324/329 17x8-0, 17x9+19 5x114.3

SSR Gartmeier 18x8+38, 18x9+44 5x114.3